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Welcome to the Phantas House!
Phantasmagoria is a Classic Horde guild on Arugal that was originally established in 2009 during WOTLK. Phantas and its members saw through all raiding content at the highest difficulty until ceasing raiding mid Legion. We consider ourselves to be a little family, with many members in the guild for majority of its life and some since its inception.

Vivica / Aug 03, 2019
The time is nearly upon us.

Soon we will flood the servers once again, totally clueless and likely painfully lost as we go from lifelong Alliance members over to the dark side of the Horde.

Important decisions about snacks are being made, energy drinks are cooling in the fridge and now that we’re old enough to use the stovetop, there are endless dinner possibilities. Old friends from over the many years are slowly finding their way back to the pham and bringing with them new members to share the experience. The excitement is almost overwhelming as the hype continues to grow despite feeling like it couldn’t get any bigger.

So here is one last throwback to the good old days because soon enough they’ll be nothing more than a shadow and memory compared to the family reunion that is Classic.

See you all ingame soon.
From Vivica, with love. xoxo.